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Interestingly. Our organization just completed the final phase of its solar-powered street lights and we are all really excited about it. All thanks to Enkonn solar energy, we are proud to say that we have finally joined the league of organizations that have fully embraced the renewable energy innovation in our country. Their products and services are cost-effective and we were particularly satisfied with the products we imported from Enkonn solar because they are of standard quality. They are a team of highly professional, helpful and honest people.

-John, USA

My job role involves preserving of the park environment in the best possible way, in order for it to be beneficial for the city’s parks and the park visitors. When the management decided to switch from electrical streetlights to integrated solar street lights, it required me to carry out a thorough supplier research in the market. Quality was a critical factor, as this was a municipal project. After meticulously researching, I decided to go with EnkonnSolar. I am pleased to tell you that our experience with this company has exceeded our expectations. All post-purchase evaluations of this supplier point towards a straight-rebuy of their products. We have found their products to be of high quality, as the light emanating from their streetlights satisfies our requirements. The parks are brighter and safer, while the energy costs have decreased substantially. The sensors are great too! I had an excellent experience with this company and I highly recommend their products.

Cynthia Green – Park Manager, Department of Environmental Security

I was impressed with the idea of integrated solar street lights designed by enkonnSolar is excellent, really innovative products, and I am also satisfied with the cooperation with enkonn for almost 5 years. both technical and after-sales services are great to me.

-Shati, Malta

With enkonn’s solar light, we have lighted up a 5 km road from the urban area to the village,enkonn’s products are perfect and reliable, there is no darkness in this road anymore and what’s more, we do not have other billing costs for electricity.

-Patrick, Africa

Thanks for your technical solution which helped our tender team reduce almost 30% unnecessary costs, we are confident to win more tender with enkonn’s products and services

-Richard Kranner, Portugal

A great company, although there were some stories with the forwarder during delivery, enkonnSolar took the quick response and supported us just well, fantastic job and very pleased with this order, I’m gonna mark enkonSolar A-class in my supplier list.

-Sohail, Pakistan

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