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Your reliable supplier of solar street lights solution

Established in 2004, enkonn Solar, as a Shenzhen based manufacturer of solar streetlights in China, is proud to be in the vanguard of the solar street lighting industry.

We focus on researching and manufacturing clean and eco-friendly solar powered products, such as all-in-one solar streetlights and integrated solar garden lights, which are widely used in municipal and government projects. This tends to solve the problem of illuminating parking lots and streets, especially in sunny regions.

By providing an installation scheme and DIALux advice, we fully support our clients’ projects.

Integrated Solar Street Lights


The SS2 Series is the second generation of integrated solar streetlights, with a better performance than the last generation:

  • Improved from the deficiency of the last generation, which was first developed in 2013
  • Innovative all-in-one structure– simple and easy installation, requiring no wiring
  • Integrated extrusion aluminum body with anodic oxidation treatment and anti-rust corrosion
  • Intelligent motion sensor and power management system to get the most from sunshine
integrated solar street lights

How We Control Quality

Quality is the soul of a product, and enkonn-solar pays great attention to our products (according to QA standards under ISO), from the development process to the pilot run and the mass production.

  • Incoming raw material inspection
  • Aging testing (LED, controller, batteries)
  • Electronic parameters inspection for batteries
  • Salt spray testing for coating compositions and anodizing materials
  • High or low surrounding temperature test
  • IP rating test (simulates a rainy environment)
  • Packing reliability testing (during packing design)
  • SOP, IPQC, FQC to control production line

8 Reasons to choose enkonnSolar

Long History

LED Experts

Fast Response

Technical Support

R&D Capacity

Excellent Technology

Competitive Price

Worldwide Distribute

What Customers Say

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I was impressed with the idea of integrated solar street lights designed by enkonnSolar is excellent, really innovative products, and I am also satisfied with the cooperation with enkonn for almost 5 years. both technical and after-sales services are great to me.


With enkonn’s solar light, we have lighted up a 5 km road from the urban area to the village,enkonn’s products are perfect and reliable, there is no darkness in this road anymore and what’s more, we do not have other billing costs for electricity.


Thanks for your technical solution which helped our tender team reduce almost 30% unnecessary costs, we are confident to win more tender with enkonn’s products and services


A great company, although there were some stories with the forwarder during delivery, enkonnSolar took the quick response and supported us just well, fantastic job and very pleased with this order, I’m gonna mark enkonSolar A-class in my supplier list.