All in One Solar Street Lights: The Ultimate Guide (Updated in 2023)

Are you looking for a solar-energy-based illuminating solution for either your own courtyards or some public sites, such as playgrounds, pathways, parking lots, plazas, etc? Or, you are upset about the short autonomy of your current solar street lights with traditional technology, which, sometimes, especially during monsoon, have to subsist on the national electricity grid? […]

True Solar South vs. Magnetic South

4 Simple Ways to Find True Solar South for Aligning Solar Panel Correctly in Few Minutes (2019, Step by Step)

It has been known that south-facing solar panel (In the Northern Hemisphere) can get the most out of sunshine. And when it comes to orienting solar panels, most people will simply choose the south which the compass points to. However, this approach is absolutely wrong. Because you will only be able to find out the […]

Polycrystalline vs Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline vs Monocrystalline Solar Panel, Which one is better?

Every day, a better and improved solar technology is being researched to effectively harness the sun’s energy. The current solar technologies aren’t as efficient as we want, particularly as regards the solar panels used. Currently, there are just 2 popular types of solar panels, in spite of their inadequacies we need to know what each […]

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Why should I invest in solar energy? What is in it for me? Is solar energy a perfect option? What about its faults? These questions would be clearly explained through the course of this post. Let’s start with the basics of solar energy. you could also download the PDF file here solar energy advantages and […]

Peak Sun Hours

Peak Sun Hours: Important Factor of the Average Daily Solar Insolation

In the course of designing an off-grid solar street lighting system, you’re often faced with an initial challenge of factoring the Peak Sun Hours of your location to experience maximum energy from your solar PV system. If you’re not a PV technical personnel, understanding the peak sun hours and factoring it could be a difficult […]

solar power street lights

Solar Battery Calculation: How to Size the Battery for Solar Street Lights

In the course of designing solar led street lights, just like many, you’d often encounter the problem of accurately sizing the battery. This is because, when the battery is undersized, the street light won’t be able to sustain for up to 3 rainy or cloudy days. Also, if the battery is oversized, you’d face the […]


Light distribution types to guide solar streetlights design

The IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) has defined various light distribution types. Light fixtures are designed to fall under one of the types defined, and lighting designers use this a guideline when selecting lighting for a particular area. Incorrectly selecting light fixtures can result in glare and light trespass into unwanted areas, such […]

depth of discharge DoD

What Is Depth of Discharge (DoD), How Does It Affect a Battery?

A solar power system(solar street lighting) is a reliable solution to harness and use energy obtained from the sun. And a solar battery is an indispensable part of this system, as it converts solar energy into battery chemical energy, which we can utilize in our daily life. Solar batteries are deep-cycle batteries, which are capable […]


What is the difference between solar street lights and traditional street lights

With the development of photovoltaic technology, the conversion efficiency of solar panels has improved significantly: from 5% in 1945 (the solar panel’s inception) to 20% in 2015. Solar panels also stirred a big commercial change all over the world, especially in the Middle East, where Dubai Awards $3.9 Billion Solar Energy Contract couple of months […]

Solar charge controller with LCD Screen

Solar Charge Controller: The Definitive Guide

Chapter 1: What is a solar charge controller? A solar charge controller, or solar charge regulator, is an important instrument in almost all solar power systems that use batteries as a chemical energy storage solution. It is used in stand-alone or hybrid solar power systems but not used in straight grid-tied systems, which don’t have […]